Monday, June 16, 2014

The Benefits of Seasonal Cleansing with Dr. Hayman and Dr. George: Radio Show

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"The Benefits of Seasonal Cleansing" - with Dr. Jessica Hayman and Dr. Julie George, Naturopathic Physicians 
Dr. Hayman and Dr. Julie George are specialists in environmental medicine.  They will discuss how our surroundings can directly impact our overall health.  Learn the importance of seasonal cleansing for prevention, wellness, and healthy aging. 
Cleansing can also benefit many chronic disease states as well, and they will discuss the correlation between cleansing and removing obstacles to heal chronic disease.
Learn about Glutathion and how it is the most POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT! It can remove heavy metals, help your liver, lower cholesterol and blood pressure! Learn about IV administered cleansing procedures, Lipozone supplements, Gynetic Poly-Morphism, Obstacles to Healing, The Sedona Cleanse, At Home Cleansing Plans, Aloe and Fiber, Activated Charcoal and how it can help, Parasites....and soooo much more!

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