Monday, June 16, 2014

James C. Peters: How Poly MVA Saved My Life - The Texas Soldier Radio Show

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I'm James C. Peters, living in Central Texas.  73 years old, Caucasian male, military retiree, Vietnam veteran, nonsmoker.  Work as a screenwriter, college screenwriting instructor, and provide coverage on screenplays for film producers.  Currently working on a script rewrite for an LA producer.  
First diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1994 following nearly 20 years of inflammation and discomfort in the prostate area.  A biopsy revealed a one-cm node with 2+2 Gleason rating.
Underwent external beam radiation June-August 1994.  Relapse in 3-4 years.  Started on hormone injections in July 1999.  Added bicalutamide as a second blockade in 2005.  
In 2001 I began life-changing habits - no red meat, increased exercise, clean water, etc. That continues with no dairy, no white bread, no snacks, no alcohol.
Cancer became refractory to hormone treatment in early 2012, and PSA began to rise about 10 units a month.  
Having read about PolyMVA in Suzanne Sommer's book, I purchased first bottles from an integrative medicine doctor in Dallas area in July 2012.  Within two weeks of dosing at 2 tsp of PolyMVA in 8 oz filtered water four times a day, the PSA rise stopped completely.  CAT and  bone scans since then have shown no metastasis of cancer to organs or bones.  It's a miracle! I continue on Poly MVA dosing now, soon to complete two years and going strong.

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