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Friday, January 3, 2014

Internet Radio Show: Meet Dr. Jessica Hayman

Walter Davis will be conducting a series of interviews with Dr. Jessica Hayman to reveal Naturopathic medicine facts. Our first show will be Sunday, 5 January 2014 at 10 AM Pacific/11 Mountain.

Guest Call In Number (310) 861-2349

Dr. Jessica Hayman is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Arizona, where she currently practices and resides in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  She specializes in natural medicine and believes in targeting the root cause of disease to help restore health.  She sees herself as an educator and facilitator in helping empower patients to better their lives through seeing the world around them in a new light.

Through her patients, she is able to witness the true power of the human body, and how it can heal when given the best conditions for thriving.  Those include:  nutritional supplements, intravenous therapies, vibrant food, light, air, clean water, exercise, emotional healing, and love.  The human body will never fully be understood by man-kind, however it is Dr. Hayman’s passion to help patients find their way through the process of healing.  

In the weeks to come, Dr. Hayman will be providing information on popular health topics, which include:

1)  "Thyroid dysfunction and our toxic world:  what to do in your daily life to help your thyroid heal"
Thyroid dysfunction is increasing at exponential proportions.  Thyroid dysfunction can present with symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, bloating, constipation, and even cancer.  Dr. Hayman will discuss the many ways thyroid function is being compromised through common daily exposures, and small things you can do to help keep your thyroid healthy.

2)  "Cardiovascular Disease:  recognizing that good fats are our friends"
In the last 5 decades, it was thought that poor cardiovascular function was from a diet high in fat and high in salt.  Most natural medicine experts will tell you that is a lie.  Fats, minerals, and protein are necessary for proper function of the human body.  Dr. Hayman will discuss how a diet high in good fats, healthy minerals, and quality proteins can actually protect your heart from cardiovascular disease.

3)  "Post-partum Wellness:  Understanding the root cause of a mother's symptoms"

It is common for health care practitioners to brush-off and mis-diagnose mothers who are going through post-partum difficulty. Many practitioners chalk it up to lack of sleep, but most of the reasons are due to a physiologic imbalance.  These imbalances are usually from nutrient deficiencies, thyroid balancing, and adrenal insufficiency.

4)  "Gluten sensitivity:  why are more and more Americans sensitive to this protein found in wheat?"
Many are confused why our society has such a growing number of food sensitivities.  The bottom line is our food supply and how we view the purchasing, preparation, and eating of our food.  The majority of our food in the U.S. is grown in toxic crops or raised on toxic crops.  Gluten/wheat, soy, and corn sensitivities can go hand-in-hand and Dr. Hayman will discuss how to limit your intake of these foods and navigate your way to a healthier lifestyle.

5) "Weekly practices for wellness cancer prevention"
The "C" word is unfortunately becoming a more and more common disease popping up in our friends, family, and ourselves.  Dr. Hayman wants to discuss some key steps you can take to help minimize your risk and live a more vibrant life.

6)  "Cancer:  my top five natural supplements that help"
Dr. Hayman will discuss the top five nutritional supplements that she prescribes patients newly diagnosed with cancer. 

7)  "Intravenous Therapies: Supporting the body once diagnosed with cancer"
Many individuals are turning toward natural therapies when given the cancer diagnosis.  Once thought extreme, intravenous (IV) nutrient therapies are becoming more and more popular in helping heal the human body.  Unlike oral supplements, by infusing nutrients directly into the vein there is 100% bioavailability, which means you are able to assimilate 100% of what is provided to you through bypassing the gut.  Dr. Hayman will discuss popular nutrient IVs used in helping rebalance the body once the diagnosis of cancer is present.

8)  "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia:  removing obstacles to heal and finding the root cause to heal"
Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia symptoms are becoming more and more evident in the U.S.  Dr. Hayman will discuss how many obstacles to heal in our daily life may be exacerbating these symptoms.  She will give a checklist of issues that can be addressed in your home and lifestyle that could be an obstacle to heal.

9) "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and chronic disease"
The key to good health is increasing oxygenation and decreasing inflammation.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) does just that - it supersaturates the plasma with oxygen!  Dr. Hayman will discuss how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy works and what symptoms or disease processes it could potenitally benefit.  (Will ask HBOT expert Dr. Zayd Ratansi to join me in this interview).

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