Friday, June 6, 2014

It is Hot: Time to Combat Ants - Without Killing Them and Poisoning Yourself

June and the temps are rising. Ants will be invading your home with military precision. Your sugar, your fruit.... all targets!

How do you keep them out without poisoning yourself and harming THEM (they are useful creatures you know!)?

Well...the answer is CINNAMON AND WATER!


Get yourself a spray bottle from Smart and Final, Walmart or one of the Dollar Stores.

Mix a tablespoon or so with water and put it in the spray bottle .....


You can spray it over fruit, in your cupboard, near your cracks.. in corners..behind the refrigerator ...not poison yourself and keep the pesky critters away!

Caulk any open spaces in walls as much as you can.

Spray this concoction on any ant trails you see in your home and they will be gone!

As a preventative measure, spray on cracks and areas you had trouble with last year. Under the sink and in the corners of cabinets where you have sugar or fruit.

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