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Poly MVA Testimonials

- Doug Wray

"I was diagnosed with Stage III multiple myeloma on May 1st, 2006. I started on a combination chemotherapy, which I continued for three months. I had heard of the product Poly-MVA at a Cancer Control convention I had attended. I obtained a book about Palladium Lipoic Complexes when I returned home from the hospital because I was worn out and needed to do something to support my body better. I called AMARC to inquire about the product, and on May 15, 2006, I started using Poly-MVA. I took 12 tsp per day until July 1st, 2006. By then I was feeling better. My oncologist had reduced the chemotherapy by half after my first month because of muscle neuropathy. The neuropathy diminished after two weeks. On July 1, 2006, I increased my Poly-MVA to 16 tsp per day. By August, 2006, my antibody reading was normal (below 1440). On November 11, 2006, my reports showed me in clear health. I have continued to use Poly-MVA at 4 tsp. per day since. As of June 2007 I am doing very well and my blood work is normal."


- Michael & Julia Muscari

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You all are our heroes! Gary, Dr. Llamas, Al Jr, Linda and all of the terrific people at AMARC - as well as everyone at the Foundation - are heroes and living angels in our lives. We are so blessed to have one another. We are mindful to be prayerful and grateful every day for the Poly-MVA team and the way the Poly-MVA can often provide support to those with health challenges. Emotions overcome us as we remember the care we receive from all of you. We are inspired by your dedication and your servant leadership. Love and appreciation to all!"


- Michael Dresser

“In 1997, I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Lung Cancer. During surgery, the doctor removed my right lung, part of the lining of my heart and a 5cm tumor. There was residual cancer left on my heart, which was inoperable. I was given eighteen months to live. I chose not to be treated with the conventional radiation and chemotherapy. I decided instead to go to San Diego to the Livingston Foundation Medical Center, where I was treated with vaccines in an alternative immunotherapy program. Needless to say, the treatment was successful. It's been eight years since the surgery and in those eight years I am still on the vaccine. Each year I send a fluid specimen to the lab and from that they gather the culture to make the vaccines specific to me. Over a year ago, I found Poly-MVA and have been using it since for daily nutritional support. Last year, when I called the lab because my immune antigen was late getting to me, I was told that it was difficult for them to gather the bacteria to make it. This means that my immune system was better than it had been. I would recommend Poly-MVA for anyone wanting to have the best possible nutritional support, especially if your systems are compromised like mine were due to the cancer. I would be more than happy to tell my story anywhere or anytime. Thank you Poly-MVA.”
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host
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- June Black

"The people at AMARC are wonderful and are trying to help so many people. Gary Matson is in touch with people all over the world on a daily basis, and he has been tireless in dedicating his whole life to helping people and reaching out to them to discuss individuals’ potential benefits from Poly-MVA.”


- Mark Olsztyn

"In 1997, I received the news of my recurrent brain tumor with dread and shock. My father, a doctor involved in integrative medicine, sent me my first bottle of Poly-MVA. I took it to support my body and then utilized conventional treatments to address the cancer. Since then, I have had clean MRI scans and I strongly feel that Poly-MVA - plus my belief in God's great wisdom – supported my body ad assisted with my recovery. On April 7, 2007, I reached my tenth year without cancer. I realize what a milestone awaits this extraordinary span of well-being and good fortune. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Cancer has been my acquiescent companion, in many ways the center of my life. It has given me a purpose, to survive and to tell anyone who will listen that it is weak. I have been using Poly-MVA every day since that April afternoon in 1997. I have been scanned regularly and the news is always the same. My message is for all of you terrified cancer patients is this: do all you can to support your immune system. That is the first step. Help your body help itself. You may need to radically alter your lifestyle to achieve this. If so, the benefit will be two-fold. Your body will take notice and try to return the favor."


- Ronny Rudley

"I want everyone to know that I am now three years clear of lung cancer!! I knew I needed to do all I could do for my body, including supplementation, so I called AMARC and ordered some Poly-MVA. I began a regimen of Poly-MVA along with COQ10, liver flush, calcium, and an immune booster. Here I am, three years later! My blood reading is the lowest it has been, and the PET scan is as clear as a bell. Thank you again and again for the support that Poly-MVA gave my body!"


- Catherine Cheyssial

"I am educated on Poly-MVA. I'm not only educated on Poly-MVA but I have a heavy dose of healthy skepticism and took what I believe is a very objective and unbiased look at this product. I believe in Poly-MVA, that it can provide support to not all but many. My father is living proof. When my father became ill with colon cancer and was not a good candidate for chemo, I was devastated. His colon had ruptured and he was in complete sepsis. He barely survived that. The infections that took over his body rendered him too weak to go through chemo. I researched everything I could get my hands on in terms of integrative approaches. I also prayed because I do believe in the healing power of prayer. I researched for the good and the bad. I took it a step further. I called people up who actually used the product and interviewed them. I took it a step further. I went to AMARC offices and interviewed their doctor-on-staff. I was nothing less than amazed. I read the science behind the product and the results are impressive for many who have used it. I spoke to my family about it. I also took it to my father's physician with the list of ingredients and he approved it as a supplement for my father. They even gave it to him in the hospital. Let me tell you our experience with Poly MVA. I will never forget the day my father took his first dose. I really feel it helped him feel better rather quickly and there was evident improvement in his energy level. You could see it in his face. He sat up in bed and put his hands behind his head like he used to at home watching television. He began taking Poly-MVA several times a day. To make a long story short, my father's tumor went from 10 cm to 7 cm in six months. He unfortunately did not die of the cancer but of terrible infections that were a result of a ruptured colon. But we believe that had it not been for the sepsis my father might have had an excellent shot at beating cancer. During the last months of his life, he continued to take the Poly-MVA and we all feel it really assisted him in having a good quality of life. He felt so much better when he was taking it, and when he didn't have it we could all tell the difference. I'm not only educated about this product, I've lived it and I'm a believer. I took it myself just to see what kind of effect it had on a healthy person. The effects were pretty spectacular in terms of energy level. If you are wondering about Poly MVA, please learn more from those who have taken it and have had positive results. There are many and they are not paid. I'm not paid. I found stories about Poly-MVA because I was researching something else. I wanted  to put in my two cents. I hope this helps anyone who may be wondering but may have a healthy dose of skepticism such as I but may not have all the facts. Do your research, talk to people and learn as much as you can. People have been helped by this product."


- Edward E Freed

"When I was diagnosed with cancer, my family was devastated. First the medical people had no idea what kind of cancer it was but were leaning towards a type called Apocrine. I found out there exactly 38 people in the world that had this type of cancer before I did and not one of these people had survived. Next thing I found out was the medical people had no idea how to treat this type of cancer. A decision was made to treat me as though I had male breast cancer and they told me they had no idea how this was going to turn out, all they could do was to cross their fingers and hope for the best. A Baptist minister from Florida (who I did not know, but he had heard about me from his daughter who was a friend of my daughter) contacted me and told me about the nutritional support Poly-MVA had provided for many. He told me that he and three other men from his church all had been diagnosed with different types of terminal cancers and each one was told to get their affairs in order and sent home to die. He told me that each one of them made huge changes to their lifestyle – diet, exercise, etc – and began to take Poly-MVA for nutritional support. Three of the four are now in remission and the fourth one lived about four years before his cancer finally claimed his life. I do not know all the reasons they got better; I suspect it was many. For myself, I made a decision right there that I would try Poly-MVA for any nutritional support it could provide to help me with my health. I told a few others about Poly-MVA while I was undergoing my radiation treatments. One of these men also started using the product. Today he and I are both enjoying life. I am convinced that PolyMVA is part of the reasons I am healthier and writing the letter to you today. Thank you, Poly-MVA."

- Chase Bockhahn (Child)

"My daughter, Chase, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in Oct 2005 at age 7. She began chemotherapy immediately for the remainder of that year, struggling with nausea and vomiting (vomiting up to 10 times during administration). In early 2006, Chase had surgery and her left knee and partial left femur were replaced. Shortly after surgery, we found out about the possible support for her body that Poly-MVA might provide and began the suggested amount for her weight. She went back on chemo three weeks after surgery and we noticed that her nausea/vomiting had subsided substantially. She might vomit once during treatment or maybe not at all. Her energy level was much higher; the day after treatment she would take it easy and then she would be back to 90%+ within a couple of days. Her overall well-being was much stronger and she (keep in mind her age) grew 1/2" during her chemo treatment, which lasted a total of 9 months. This month will be our fifth year since diagnosis. Chase is now 12-years-old and still taking Poly-MVA (maintenance dose of one teaspoon daily) and CoQ10 and will continue to do so. She is a very active young lady who plays volleyball, cross country skis, golfs and this last spring ran track. We strongly feel that Poly-MVA supported Chase’s body during the chemotherapy and continues to be a part of the supplementation that helps keep her healthy.” (story by Andrea Bockhahn, mother )

- Carol Velazquez

"In December of 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 uterus cancer. I want to take this opportunity to give hope to people who are dealing with cancer. My doctors had a comprehensive meeting about me - they said I was a very sick lady, and started me on radiation after my operation. A friend told me about Poly-MVA to help support my body and energy, so I started taking it. My yearly checkup said I am doing well. My message is that when we are losing all grips, no matter what we are going through, the Lord is our stronghold. God bless"

- Gene Johnson

"On 8/8/09, after cutting grass on a riding lawn motor for two hours, I went to urinate and found was passing blood. I went to my regular doctor, and he immediately made an appointment to see Dr. Lange with the urology group of Fort Smith. After they scooped my bladder they found a massive cancerous tumor. The next day I was in surgery to remove it. They could not get it all for fear of getting into the bladder wall. A month later they performed another surgery with success; two months later, one more time to clear it up again. They suggested chemotherapy for the bladder. In the meantime, I became acquainted with Dr. Jerry Vin who lived across the street from us. I started on Poly-MVA as recommended for support of my body. For the last six months I have used Poly-MVA in a maintenance dose every day. I am so pleased to have the peace of mind that I am doing something positive for my system! Thank you AMARC! I am 75 years old and still alive." Update April 2012: "Since January of 2011, I have moved with my family to a new home. My last check up was on August of 2011. Everything is “A” ok. I am still on the maintenance dose and everything is working fine. I am 77 years old. I am looking forward to many happy years."

- Sheryle Sigman

"We are very happy to have discovered Poly-MVA on the internet about 1 ½ years ago. My husband and I very much feel that the addition of Poly-MVA to my daily nutrition regimen has made a great difference in my overall well-being. I had colon surgery in May 2008 to remove a cancerous polyp, and was told the cancer has spread to 2 lymph nodes and that I had 4 spots on my liver. I was stage 4 and was told my only hope was to shrink the spots through chemo, and have surgery to remove them. I was told the spots would not go away. We declined the surgery, although we did take many chemo treatments. After about six months, a PET scan revealed that 2 spots had disappeared and the other 2 had shrunk 85-90 %. Praise God! On my latest doctor visit, the doctor said he could find no cancer in my body! Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. We believe God has placed minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and herbs in the earth so that can help support our bodies. We would recommend Poly-MVA for anyone’s health and nutrition approach. Don’t give up! Nothing is impossible."

- Donald Miller

"I started taking Poly-MVA in July 2006. I was feeling tired all the time, so the doctor that I was seeing told me about trying Poly-MVA to see if the potential nutritional support would help with my tiredness. I started to feel a little better by the end of the month. But in August, I was diagnosed with CML blood cancer and began chemotherapy treatments. I didn't seem to be sick like I had heard other people had become. I think that the Poly-MVA possibly helped assist my body in feeling better.”

- Erik Jay

“I have two experiences I would like to share; one human and one cat. Let me start with the cat:
1) My 10-year-old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, a typical issue for aging cats. The vet told me that nuclear therapy was necessary to combat this; otherwise it would eventually wind up killing my little guy. He means the world to me, so I wanted to give him every chance to extend his life. I spoke with my mother, who has been using Poly-MVA for Pets with her cat for about a year. She swears by the support of Poly-MVA for Pets and told me to try it out. After all, her cat was diagnosed with FIV and carcinoma lymphoma and now with improved nutrition and quality of life tests negative for both. I started my cat on the product shortly thereafter. My first impression of the AMARC staff was great, especially Toni in Customer Service. Talk about a knowledgeable and understanding person! Yesterday I went back to the vet after supplementing my cat’s diet with Poly-MVA for Pets for only two weeks. My vet asked if I had had the nuclear therapy yet. I said “no” and that I had been using Poly-MVA for Pets and lots of love to support him. She sighed a little and shook her head. Today, his blood test results came back completely normal. His coat is shiny again, he plays and his eyes are crystal clear again. I write this with tears in my eyes and for the first time in a long time, they are tears of joy. I feel that I owe a lot of his spunk and increasing health to the benefits derived from Poly-MVA for Pets. It turns out it was not a problem with his thyroid, but rather a problem with his kidneys which was spiking his thyroid count. This was discovered because once his thyroid count lowered, it stopped the masking of the other issue which is also well on its way to being addressed sans medication. Best thing is, my vet is ordering Poly-MVA for Pets next week to utilize with other pets she sees.
Now for the human story:
2) My dad was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and has been living in pain for many months. His doctor gave him some very expensive anti-inflammatory meds costing about $360 a month after insurance. Based on my cat, my mom’s cat and the other stories I have read concerning observed and potential benefits, I bought him a bottle of Poly-MVA. He has now been on Poly-MVA for one week. He went out dancing for the first time in two months, and is not having anywhere near the symptoms he had before. He is going to order it on his own from now on. He looks great. His only concern was getting a shiny coat and grooming himself in public! Ha.
To wrap all this up - I am now taking Poly-MVA for myself as a part of my daily regimen for daily nutritional maintenance. I will admit I was a skeptic before I saw what has happened to the ones I love with my own eyes. There are so many bogus ads and false claims out there that it is hard to differentiate the real from the fake. Whoever is reading this, I want you to know this is not a false claim product. This is the real deal. It is not a miracle cure for everything, but I believe it has offered a lot to my loved ones and me. I am willing to speak to anyone about this, anytime. Email me at erikpjay@yahoo.com. Thank you, AMARC, for this product. Thank you for everything it has done for my mom’s cat, my cat and my father. You have a customer for life.”


- Marilyn Watts

"Dr. Llamas and AMARC have been most helpful to my family and I on our journey to wellness. We are very thankful for him and the entire staff. Thank you for all your support and for making Poly-MVA available."

—Roza Mollova

“I began taking Poly-MVA as a nutritional supplement. Two months later I am feeling much better. The support I believe it gave me is outstanding. I feel like a healthy, normal person - full of energy!”

Renee Swain RN, APH

"I just received my Poly-MVA and pleasantly found to my surprise that I cannot take it in the evening, as it gives me so much energy I can’t sleep! (I was so excited, I had to take it as soon as I got it - couldn't wait until the morning!) I am now on a daily morning dose, and so far my energy has improved famously. Thank you!"

- Daniel Palomino

"I've been on Poly-MVA for support since before my surgery for colon cancer in May 2008, and I truly feel that it has made a difference. Before my surgery, I went through chemotherapy and radiation which were very hard on my system. I had bone and muscle pain, loss of appetite and an incredible amount of fatigue. I'm back on chemotherapy post-surgery, but I'm not having problems with side effects like I used to. I have much more energy than I did before. In fact, before my surgery, I used to spend 1/3 of the day recovering due to fatigue. Now, I walk 2-3 miles a day and go to the gym 3 times a week. Poly-MVA has given me the energy I need to take back my life. Thank you!"

- Joe Rinaldis

"Last year I asked my doctor to have me checked for prostate problems. After doing so, he suggested I see a urologist. I chose to see a naturopath. This person was well-known as able and willing to treat and support patients with health challenges in an integrative form. Right away he suggested he start on Poly-MVA, along with other approaches. Last month I returned to the naturopath and was told that there was no more trace of any cancer or other issues with my prostate. What good news! I would recommend Poly-MVA for support to anyone that has any kind or level of health challenges, but let a professional advise you about this. I am very happy with what I feel have been the benefits of Poly-MVA. Thank you to my naturopath and may God bless his efforts in helping people to get better."

- Gary and Elma Thomas

"In June of 2004, my wife was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and had a modified radical neck dissection. She found her way to Reno, NV, and Dr. James Forsythe, MD. He suggested that she start on Poly-MVA for support of her body during this challenging time; she used it for about two years. She has quarterly checkups with her surgeon and has not experienced any recurrence of the cancer. In November of 2007, I ended up in emergency spinal surgery for what turned out to be Stage 4 prostate cancer and had a large tumor removed from my lower spine. I came home in a wheelchair and was using a walker. I really did not know if I would get any better. Like my wife, I also went to Reno and Dr. Forsythe started me on Poly-MVA and salicinium. Well, it is now October 2008 and I am walking as I always did, and my retests in June 2008 showed significant improvement in the bone and lymph node involvement. Thank you to the wonderful AMARC staff - you have blessed our lives."

- Janet Miller

"I first learned of Poly-MVA in 2000 and took it for a year. In August 2011 my annual mammogram showed a spot that after biopsy was found to be cancer. I did chemotherapy from late January 2012 through early March 2012. All these cycles of chemo and the terrible side effects put me down flat - I couldn’t eat for weeks and could barely walk. I remembered the energy I felt Poly-MVA had provided before, and ordered some, figuring it couldn’t hurt, right? I was soon eating and able to walk again, and it is my opinion that Poly-MVA’s support may have played a role. I would definitely recommend this product to others."


- Carol Roberts

"After a routine mammogram in 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 right ductal carcinoma in my right breast. I had surgery to have a partial mastectomy. The lymph nodes were negative of any tumors, so I did not need chemotherapy, and I chose not to have radiation. I went to see Dr. David J. Krizman, who recommended Poly-MVA to me for nutritional support, and I started using it in September 2011. Everything I read about Poly-MVA was that it was an antioxidant that could provide nutritional support to help protect me from damaging free radicals. After I started using Poly-MVA, my energy level went up. I have been active in church. I participate in my organ class each week. I am able to do my own housework unassisted. I often go out to lunch with my friends. In essence, I have maintained a normal routine and have enjoyed my quality of life. After my next mammogram in June 2012, my results were normal. I feel that Poly-MVA’s support has greatly contributed to my health and recovery. I now take a maintenance dose of Poly-MVA at 1 tsp, 2 times a day. I would recommend to Poly-MVA to others. My experience with AMARC and the staff has been very helpful. They are always helpful in explaining the benefits of Poly-MVA, and are always personable and genuinely concerned about how I am doing."


- Mike Davis

"I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Quality of Life study. I was diagnosed with emphysema and asthma due to having pneumonia and smoking. In the beginning, I could hardly walk from the kitchen to the bedroom. I was put on oxygen. Now I have more energy and feel that Poly-MVA has helped me to get to the place I am now."


- Corrina Reimer

"I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In Feb 2008, I had exploratory surgery because the many tests I had didn’t reveal my digestive problems. Three tumors were found in the small level and removed, since they were positive and I was very weak and had lost twenty pounds I opted out of conventional cancer treatment. A friend informed me of Dr. James Forsythe in Reno and I followed his supplementation approach. Among other things, he started me on Poly-MVA - 4 teaspoons twice a day for three months -along with CoQ10 and other supplements. I now take 2 teaspoons daily for ongoing maintenance. I have good energy and am stronger and active every day. I very much feel that taking Poly-MVA has improved my life greatly, and I will continue to take it. May God bless you in your work with healthy, high-quality supplements. God has blessed me richly in the journey."


- C. Carrier

"A friend told me about Poly-MVA over a year ago, and how it he feels it helped him. It took me a while to order some, but I am very glad I did. My physical life and overall quality of life have improved, with more hope, energy and inspiration, and better health too. It is hard for me to gauge exactly the effects. I strive for as much of an alkaline diet as I can - that is hard to do. I am learning about balance and quality of life. Thank you for your helpful product! With love."


- R. Burke

"In 2009, I was diagnosed with cancer (Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia) by Dr. Robert Robles at Diablo Valley Oncology. I began chemo-infusion and independently began using Poly-MVA for support and energy. My chemo was stopped after two infusions. My immunoglobin M has reduced from 2890 to 1240 as test results have shown. The support  I feel that Poly-MVA has given me has been so appreciated! I now use Poly-MVA daily 2 tsp times a day. Thank you."

- H. Bernadette

"I was diagnosed Leiomyosarcoma. I soon began taking Poly-MVA 6-8 tsp a day. I feel it helped with my energy and helped me to support my body. It has been 18 months and I am doing much better."

- Lupe Herrera

"In November of 2009, I had prior health conditions that kept me bedridden at least until 5:00pm in the afternoon. At that time I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. I went to the Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, and that is where I learned about Poly-MVA from Dr. James Forsythe. I was placed on a multiple-supplement approach. Lately, I have been able to get up earlier in the day and remain in remission with the breast cancer. I truly believe that the support of the approach Dr. Forsythe suggested, including Poly-MVA, has helped me feel better. I have hope now, and I feel that the Poly-MVA does wonderful things in assisting the immune system to fight. I would definitely recommend Poly-MVA to others. AMARC Enterprises has been so helpful and knowledgeable on questions I've had. They are truly caring towards me and all individuals."

- Anton

"I began having on-and-off headaches back in 2005. Since they were not very noticeable at the time I didn't pay much attention to them and just went on about my days. In 2010, at the age of 26, those headaches which I ignored for some time were now a constant head "pain" which was located in my forehead and other nearby areas. That same year I became very ill and had so many symptoms and very little answers from doctors, as my sickness was progressing I was not sure how much longer I could bear the pain. Besides the pain in my head, there was the following: pain and pressure in my neck and shoulders, I could not sleep for more than an hour at a time, I had burning pain in my upper arms and upper thighs, red dots on my knees and thighs, dizziness, and the feeling of not getting enough air no matter how deep of a breath I would take. I became very intolerant to most foods, my left eye would turn red for no reason, from time-to-time my vision would be blurry, my feet would feel either hot or cold - the list of symptoms goes on and on. By that time I had been to numerous doctors and emergency rooms, I had had CT scans, MRIs and a spinal tap, all of which seemed normal. My blood work revealed that my white blood count was a bit low and so were my Vitamin D levels but other than that everything was showing as normal. But even after I had gotten my white blood count up to normal levels along with my Vitamin D, all of these symptoms continued for many months to come. In late 2011, after doing endless research on the internet and trying almost every supplement on the market, I came across Poly-MVA and decided to try it. I started with the minimum dosage of 1/2 teaspoon and after several weeks began to feel better. I noticed that my breathing was returning back to normal. I increased my Poly-MVA intake up to 3-4 teaspoons a day and noticed even more improvement. Comparing how I feel now after taking Poly-MVA for more than 2 months, my health and overall feeling of well-being is, in my opinion, up 80% as compared to my condition before using Poly-MVA. I would highly recommend this effective supplement to everyone out there. I want to thank everyone at AMRC for making this product possible and hope that many others out there can benefit from this supplement. Thank you."

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