Cancer Patients: Start Here

Being diagnosed with cancer is scary. I know, I am a cancer patient myself.

Here is information that I believe will help you make important decisions.

The central component of my treatment is the use of Poly MVA. I also use conventional treatments and I focus on cleansing. 

My use of Poly MVA is integral to my survival.

You do not get sick because you have cancer, you get cancer because you are sick.

Give the people at POLY MVA a call first. 

There are videos below and testimonials that tell you how Poly MVA works.

Phone: 619-447-6500
Toll Free: 866-765-9682
Fax: 619-447-6501

Click here to visit the Poly MVA website.

Do not miss the videos at the bottom of this page on Poly MVA. The Incurables is great movie. You can find this along with MY cancer survival testimonial below.

Other great sources of information:

Visit the Cancer Control Society Convention website.

Dr. Edward Group at the Global Healing Center and Ty Bollinger at the Truth About Cancer are excellent sources of information, be sure to check them out. 

See Dr. Tony Jimenez at Hope for Cancer Institute.

Dr. James W. Foresythe is a holistic doctor that is a prime example of someone who has had great success with treatment yet, been investigated by the FDA for his holistic treatment techniques, yet, he has proven them wrong! Visit him at Century Wellness Center

Valuable information can be obtained from the American Cancer Society website.

There are radio shows on various doctors on this site as well as testimonials from lots of cancer survivors. 

Everything is in alphabetical order in lists to the right of this blog.

The search bar can be used to simplify searches. If you want to see a list of doctors, put in "Dr." in the search bar, for example.

Now, let me start by giving you some quick information that will be helpful in assisting you in making tough decisions.

Please do not hesitate to call me. I hope this information helps you!

Walter Davis

Here is my testimonial:

Contact Poly MVA here:


This movie is very helpful and hopeful for you!
This Lady was told that she had incurable cancer. 
See what she did!

How does Poly MVA work?

This is a great source of holistic cancer treatment information!
Find holistic doctors, videos, therapies.

A holistic treasure, Gary Matson. Talk to Gary, he gives me hope and he is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people you can talk to regarding cancer. 866-765-9682 (Monday through Wednesday during business hours).
See his video here 

Conventional Sources
I want to help you make decisions based on good information. I do not agree with a lot of the information here. I want to provide you with alternative sources so you can make a decision for yourself.

Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation they can provide you with grants to help assuage costs.

See these videos. They will inspire you!

Go to our Poly MVA Page on this site here!

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